Monday, September 28, 2009

Half the fun is getting there

We dropped Trav’s old mountain bike off to Bicycle Superstore in Flemington last week, it will soon be on its way to Zambia for Bikes for Humanity.

Trav's bike with a little bit of Oz

While I was in there I tried out some helmets, they had the Bell helmets but they seem so heavy and with so little airflow I’d arrive a sweaty mess. The Lazer Helmets were an interesting urban design but once again so heavy. It seems I might have to bite the bullet and pick up something like Adura Corsa. Still waiting for my new bike. I could have really used those mudguards and skirt guard in the rain on the way to Docklands Friday night! I decided protesting by not riding old faithful would only make me grumpier so still I ride and still I wait. I also discovered that it’s better to get wet than wear waterproof pants – oooh so sweaty!

I’ve found my drive/ride routine very easy to maintain, I’m riding all the way (no pushing the bike up hills for me!) it takes me just as long to get to work as it did going to the city on PT, and only a bit longer than driving over the bridge. IT’S. SO. EASY. As soon as I leave our street I am already enjoying myself, the sounds, the people and it’s such an interesting ride, firstly past quaint weatherboards in Seddon, along the Footscray Rd path past the markets, through Docklands (Costco is always baking in the mornings), down the spiral Webb Bridge before riding along Yarra’s Edge and tree lined Lorimer Street, where I get a good whiff of Vegemite just before arriving at work. I’m really glad it’s a part of life now!

And to make my commuting even more stylish, I’m sewing a garment bag with stunning Florence Broadhurst fabric – I’ll do a bag to match and hope to have the pics up here before the end of the week. I’m very pleased with myself, it’s my first sewing project with a zip that I’ve done all on my own!


Tara said...

Glad I found your site! I will check back regularly to read it!

Oh-My-La said...

Welcome! I'll try not to bore you to tears!

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