Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Spring Challenge day 26 (2 days to go)

Departure: 8:15am
Arrival: 8:55am
Conditions: sunny and fresh, 15
Attire: jeans,  tshirt, sneakers

Another wonderful, easy ride to work. I left home much earlier than usual so that made me smile too! It feels like second nature to pack my panniers and put on my helmet each morning and my commute is now a highlight of my day - especially with a beautiful morning like this one!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Farmer's Market Sunday 28th Nov

my apologies for the fuzzy foto

The weather deterred a few buyers and sellers at the Showgrounds this Sunday, speaking to some of the producers I learned that there was quite a bit of damage from the storm and hail that went through parts of regional Victoria which mean big setbacks for our growers.
I spent less than $80 on this week's haul which included wine, meat and some absolutely beautiful Seville cherries, - finally they're in season again! Rather than waiting 30 minutes for the bus I decided to take the leisurely 50 minute walk home among the drizzle and the wind.This gave me the opportunity to explore some lovely little streets around Footscray and admire their front gardens along the way.

Spring Challenge Day 25 (3 days to go)

Departure: 8:35am
Arrival: 9:20am
Conditions: cloudy and a bit of a breeze
Attire: jeans,  tshirt, sneakers

'3 days to go? But there's only one day of spring left!'  I hear you cry. Back at the start of this challenge I decided to include all 14 weeks which gave me a few extra days at either end. This is all about creating a new habit and lifestyle - not getting wrapped up in the details!
I've got 3 days to finish my challenge which I'll be doing this week, weather permitting of course. Tuesday and Wednesday are looking OK - maybe a shower or 2 but the timing could work in my favour.
I felt really strong and fast on my ride this morning - but it was still a 45 minute journey, I'll be looking forward to when they've completed the Docklands Highway upgrade, it's a bit of a mess down there at the moment.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Spring Challenge Day 24 (4 days to go)

Departure: 8:25am
Arrival: 9:10am
Conditions: cloudy and still
Attire: black 3/4 pants, tshirt, sandals

The radar gave me the go-ahead this morning and I happily jumped on my bicycle for another adventure. I actually felt a bit jumpy when I reached Lorimer street for the first time in ages - I actually even slowed down behind parked traffic so I wouldn't have to compete for space with the cars and trucks that were whooshing by - one of them got so close I could feel the heat from the engine!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Spring Challenge Day 23 (5 days to go)

Departure: 8:30am
Arrival: 9:10am
Conditions: cloudy and warm, breezy
Attire: 3/4 pants, singlet, sneakers

Aaah, back on the bike. We've had a rough start to the week but I was really looking forward to soaking up this nice weather. I've definitely learned my lesson about leaving too late though - it was pedestrian peak hour at Docklands and even though I'd ring my bell for the people walking straight towards me and staring at me - they still didn't move over an inch and I almost found myself in the gutter twice! That wasn't the pleasant part of the journey - I think the highlight was when I crossed paths with a Michael Buble look-a-like!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Farmer's Market to you

Knowing that we wouldn't be around for our weekly pilgrimage to the Melbourne Showgrounds Farmer's Market, I called for back-up from Miss Organic.
Our Vitality Box was delivered to work yesterday morning and was full of healthy, organic fruit and vegies to ensure we'd still be eating well, even though the only shopping we did on the weekend was at cellar doors!
Vitality Box from Miss Organic
What you can't see is the mushrooms, salad mix and baby spinach that were safely stored in paper bags. The Vitality Box is designed to feed 2 for a week, depending on how often we eat out - so let's see how far this gets us...

Monday dinner - yummy salad made with our new 3-in-1 spiral slicer - I finally convinced the hubby while they were on special, and when I got home there were curly carrots all over the bench and he had a big grin on his face!

Tuesday - breakfast and lunch I put some fresh vegies in our frittata and for dinner we enjoyed another interesting, curly salad...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Spring Challenge Day 22 (6 days to go)

Departure: 8:08am
Arrival: 8:53am
Conditions: cloudy and mild
Attire: camos, t shirt, sneakers

Another lovely, cruisy ride to work. That's 3 days in a row for this week and guess what - I'm still loving it! Yep I'm officially hooked now!It's such great thinking time for me as I roll along the bike paths, allowing every other cyclist to overtake me.
Today I came up behind a family of four, both parents were each carrying daughters on their racks. When I stopped at the lights one of the little angels said 'You aren't as fast as us because we got here first' she then went on to ask her mum to smell her thumb because it doesn't smell like anything. Precious!

You see I would have missed pearls of wisdom like that if I'd been driving today!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Spring Challenge Day 21 (7 days to go)

Departure: 8:05am
Arrival: 8:52am
Conditions: Sunny, warmish, mild
Attire: Jeans, t shirt, sneakers

After a quick stop off at the drycleaners I was on my way, last night I realised that I actually prefer to ride to work. I got up early this morning determined to make the most of the sunshine and felt positively radiant as I zoomed along. It's not even hard work anymore, I sail along happily and can't imagine starting my day any other way. Is this it? Has the transformation occurred?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A look around my garden

There are lots of lovely things popping up in my garden - thanks to the endless cycle of downpours and sunshine!

 Beyond the thyme and beetroot there is basil, chives, spring onions and my treasured watering can
 Some might regard this strange creature as a pest, but we know better!
Zucchini Black Beauty and Zucchini Tromboncino - heriloom varieties courtesy of Diggers Club.
They won't all fit in my little plot so I'm bringing some over to Kat's place this week! 
Behind the pots are the new shoots of heirloom carrots - they can have a photo when they're bigger!
 Aaaah Alium Christophi! Mum potted some up for me to enjoy
I like to call it The Fireworks Plant

Our new little upcycled mate.
A gift from friends, this guy was found at the Gisborne Market
what a beautiful example of trash to treasure!

Spring Challenge Day 20 (8 days to go)

Departure: 8:30am
Arrival: 9:10am
Conditions: Cloudy, dry, warmish
Attire: Jeans, t shirt, sneakers

Yesterday I drove to work and felt sleepy all day. Today I rode and hit the ground running (so to speak) when I got to work). What a great difference - I almost feel backwards if I don't ride.

And here's some free advice for all those drivers trying to make sense of the road closures on Docklands Hwy last night- leave the car at home and take the bike! There's still bike access the whole way alongside the roadworks so you can avoid the headache altogether. I won't stress myself any more than necessary so you'll see me on the bike for the rest of this week!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

MADE IT love

I just love receiving goodies in the mail. Last week I ordered some cute little designs from my new friend Bec of  RadishandRuth at MadeIt.com.au. She designs and creates gorgeous little felt and fabric based pieces and my heart got stuck on the Kokka Musical and Red Apple Upcycled fabric brooches.

Apart from the thrill of getting one-of-a-kind items, the other thing I love about purchasing from markets is the care the seller takes in presenting their wares. Look at what I saw when I opened my parcel....

 I could hardly bear to open these beautiful packages - 
which were completed with sweet little felted bobby pins.
But of course - the best was yet to come, I received these on Friday and have already worn both of them!

You can check out Bec's Madeit store and her RadishandRuth blog for lots of felted and fabric treasures (you might see some familiar packaging on one of her recent posts!)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Spring Challenge Day 19 (9 days to go!)

Departure: 8:25am
Arrival: 9:15am (hey it was windy alright!)
Conditions: Cloudy, windy, with a light sprinkle of rain
Attire: Shorts, t shirt, sneakers

It was a bit blowy this morning but the temperature was mild so it was still really enjoyable. I even enjoyed the odd drop of rain. Haven't things changed? I never thought I'd choose to take a 40 minute ride to work if there was even the slightest chance of getting wet!
The countdown's really on now! Only 9 days to go - Spring finishes on Tuesday 30th November, so I think I'll do 3 days, then 4 days, then 2 days. I'm feeling great - I really feel like I've started to change my thinking around riding to work. I've actually ridden 3 times this week and 2 days in a row! There's always a reason not to - but it's not that hard to pack a spare top, jump on the bike and pedal into town, in fact, it's really enjoyable and all the positives outweigh the negatives! I can't see myself falling back into the old pattern of excuses - I really look forward to my ride these days!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Spring Challenge Day 18 (10 days to go)

Departure: 8:35am
Arrival: 9:20am
Conditions: Cloudy but warm and still
Attire: t shirt, jeans, sneakers NOTE TO SELF: Do not bother wearing jeans for temps above 25!!!

It's always nice to bump into a friendly face on my way to work - this morning I saw Marissa and Rohan strolling along with their breakfast as I began my journey. What a great start to the day!

On the way home:
I had the nicest suprise ever another friendly face! You know when sometimes you have a regular daydream, then the day it comes true you think you're going mad? Well it happened on my way home yesterday - I was taking it slow, cursing the fact that I wore jeans on a 29 degree day and a familiar face on a familiar bike appeared as I approached Costco - Trav had ridden down to accompany me home! I was just thrilled - it made the trip home a lot more fun and we stopped at Hello Gelo in Yarraville for an ice cream on the way home! I couldn't stop grinning all day - and I'll always remember that moment each time I ride past that spot now.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Spring Challenge Day 17 (11 days to go)

Departure: 8:20am
Arrival: 9:00am
Conditions: Big blue sky, lots of sunny-shine
Attire: Skirt, tshirt and sandals

Oh what a glorious morning! Over the last week I've noticed that third gear, where I spend most of my time seems to be feeling a little easy. I wonder if I'm actually getting fitter?
Anyway it was such a pleasure again to ride to work this morning, maybe spring is finally settling in now!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Spring Challenge Day 16 (12 days to go)

Departure: 6:50am
Arrival: 7:25am
Conditions: Big blue sky
Attire: Jeans, top, work shoes

Ahhh I truly love it when I get up early enough to enjoy the morning. On my way to South Melbourne for my weekend job the air was still crisp but full of promise for a beautiful sunny day. Riding home in all that sunshine was a wonderful way to relax at the end of a busy day!

Oh and although we had a lovely morning at the Melbourne Showgrounds Farmer's Market on Sunday, there's no piccy to drool over this week as everything went straight into the fridge before we ran off to the pub for an afternoon of birthday festivities with our friends and family. I was so excited to pick up another one of those succulent Yapunhay Meadow chickens again, can't wait to roast that baby tonight!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Spring Challenge Day 15 (13 days to go)

Departure: 8:30am
Arrival: 9:15am
Conditions: warm, sunny and still
Attire: jeans, t shirt and sneakers
Over the hump now, and another beautiful morning. The last few days I've been rushing around, not getting to bed early and generally feeling low, but this morning the sun on my face took all that away. It's truly amazing what a positive difference exercise can have on our mind and body.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Second rule of Farmers Markets

It's so much easier when there's 2 of you!

This week at the market my trusty mule husband finally joined me again. Before you take offense - he was the one saying 'Eeyore' each time I loaded him up. Although we haven't got it down to a fine art just yet, it definitely makes a big difference when there's someone to share the load. And speaking of loads - this week was a big one!

So here's this week's loot:

This is what $125 of fresh, local, organic produce looks like

I'm really looking forward to picking up another juicy Yapunhay Meadow chicken next week!

After we'd filled all our bags, we sat down to enjoy one of those delicious breakfast burgers with egg, beetroot, fennel and watercress, inspiring me for one of this week's salads, it will be a perfect match for our King Valley Pork Scotch Steaks!
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