Wednesday, March 10, 2010

All you need

On Saturday night we attended the wedding of some very close friends, we all battled the torrential downpour in Melbourne to make it to Jacques Reymond for the 5pm ceremony. I wore my newly-made creations ( dress and jacket) and I decided not to stress myself too much so I will make the little bag another time.

Here's a couple of quick snaps I took the next day... I did alright didn't I!

Let me tell you about this wedding. It was such an unfussy, elegant affair - there weren't carefully selected songs for each moment of the ceremony, there weren't pew bows or Order of Service booklets, no great formal running sheet and no bridal table - I was lucky enough to be seated next to the bride herself! I loved the sincerity of the event, it wasn't a big production - there was no bouquet to toss or garter to throw but there was a close group of family and friends there to celebrate this special event in the couple's lives. That's all you need.
 It's a Croation tradition for all guests to wear
a sprig of rosemary for fertility and remembrance.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Sewing Capers

Hmmm I've got a problem. Not enough time. again.

I've already found my winter sewing project but the problem is that I already have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 projects and one alteration before I can get to it. Well that will at least give me time to find just the right fabric and pattern.

It all started when I saw this picture on The Sartorialist today, I just can't stop staring. No, I lie. It started when I saw this handmade beauty over at Cyclodelic. Apart from the ultimate winter cycling garment - it's just great for those of us who just can't seem to warm up - there's room for many layers underneath and it's just so damn stylish!

I've started the pattern-hunt, so far the front runners are ...

Vogue 8122 (out of print so highly unlikely
I'll find it in the right size but I like version C anyway) 
Seen any nice tweed fabric around the shops for me?

One for the wishlist...

Oooooh very exciting stuff - I just read a review of the Outlier Daily Riding Pant for Women over at Cycle and Style - definitely sounds like something for my wishlist but with one colour already sold out - I'd better be quick! I've been eyeing the Men's pants and shirt for a while now and hoped that they'd bring out a ladies range. Abe and Tyler are urban cyclists who came up with their own garment range after finding that there was nothing that suited their needs. Operating out of New York, these guys will ship to wherever you may be, so don't let distance be a barrier.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Down Time

Cultural Diversity Week

I just received my regular email update from the Melbourne City Library, and they have a fascinating opportunity as part of Cultural Diversity Week. They are actually offering a  'Living Books' program where you get to spend half an hour with a volunteer and hear about their fascinating personal experiences and stories. All the volunteers come from interesting cultural backgrounds and the program is running from 12-4pm on Thursday 18 March.

Speaking of cultural diversity, we went to my aunt and uncle's place for dinner last night and were lucky enough to feast upon some real, Polish, homemade pierogi. These little fried dumplings of joy were filled with pork and beef, but I hear you can also get fruit ones - plum, cherry?

Once we've made them they don't last long at our place so this was a real treat!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I try

I've been trying to get the word 'try' out of my vocabulary (ooops there I go again!) To try means to 'make an effort or attempt'. If you really intend to do something, why say 'I'll try'? It really means that you're allowing yourself to not get it done.

Yesterday as I headed out for a run (yes a run) our little neighbour asked what I was doing, so I replied 'I'm trying to run'. She cocked her head to one side, screwed up her nose and said 'Why are you trying to run?' Bingo! There's my wake up call - why try? - just do it! You'll be amazed at what you can achieve when you consciously remove this word from your vocab.

Yes I am running! I've been running the past 4 of 5 afternoons and yesterday I saw a real improvement - chasing Trav around the local streets I kept up for a lot longer than I'd expected to, I enjoy it so much that when I finally catch my breath (about 20 minutes later) I actually feel like going out again!

I was lucky enough to attend the best ever hens party on Sunday, we were enjoying manicures and massages with high tea at the Royal Botanic Gardens, there wasn't one little bit of men's anatomy in sight and I met some really lovely girls, I just hope my bridesmaids look after me as well as myself and the 'self appointed lady-in-waiting' did for our friend when arranging the day!

I'm still busy sewing up a storm at the moment, hence my lack of interesting posts, but I'll soon have a complete outfit to show you - all ready to attend our close friends' wedding at - wait for it - Jacques Reymond. Can't wait!
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