Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Me I sew

Spring in Melbourne is just gorgeous but still very unpredictable. There may be a strong burst of sunshine in the afternoon but it will then rain for 20 minutes before the clouds break up and sunshine returns. Maybe that’s why I’ve been knocked over with another cold in the past few days. But enough about that. I’ve also been very very busy over the last few weeks. I like that because I’m being inspired and my mind is occupied, but too busy to blog about my adventures is no good. Here I go catching up again…

I have had so much joy with the sewing machine as I whipped up a travel set from 2 entirely free patterns I found on the web and also used a bag I already have as a guide.

Isn’t it true that some things are born out of necessity, bringing my clothes to work on Mondays, I didn’t want my wardrobe on show for all in the office to see. I started searching for a garment bag I liked and found absolutely nothing. Nada. Zippo. So I turned to my old favourite Florence Broadhurst to see if she could inspire me – her range of fabrics and wallpaper is available exclusively through Signature Prints in Sydney and now and then they have a remnants sale of 1 or 2 metre lengths It was my lucky day – the Japanese Blue Ikeda fabric was just $60 a metre! (that’s less than half price).

Here is the result…

My own design!

As I wrote this I sneaked a peek back at the Signature Prints sale – this set would look so lovely in The Cranes – Light Rouge and Palms in Purple – if only I went away more often to justify it, but still, there are some gorgeous gift ideas right here too..

Speaking of gifts, my second project was this cute teddy bear for a 1st birthday coming up on Christmas day. I’ve made the larger bear for Lacey’s mum Deborah, and now she’ll have her very own – this will be the true test of my sewing strength, will a really short child be able to pull this one apart?

This is for Lacey

and here is my first one - Deborah's!

I’ve recently bought a bunch of retro clothing patterns and am keen to get some done in time for summer – Tamra will also be making one of the dresses and we’re going to check out the big sale at Spotlight Braybrook this Thursday night! Not to mention a Yarraville fabric sale I just discovered coming up in November!

It was my boss’s birthday last week so I made my trusty Lemon and Lime Tart from The Naked Chef and dazzled everyone in the office! Travis has been so helpful during my wrestles with MS Access so I decided to make him one too – he took it to work today, I wonder how that went down the with boys?

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