Monday, May 3, 2010

I live for weekends as sweet as this...

Ever have one of those days when you're feeling anxious for no reason? In fact, you've got a hundred reasons to be happy and excited? Well that was Friday. And the only was is up from there.

Ever had one of those days that is truly magnificent from start to finish - and it's not even your birthday? A day when you've had to change your schedule and you think it's a pain but it's actually created a much better day than you'd originally thought? That was Saturday.

We started our day 2 hours earlier than we'd planned - my hairdresser needed to change our appointment. Kimberley from Karma sorted both Trav and I out and I presented little India Rose with a pink Fairy Wand - the one I bought in SA to help support a family who's little girl Ivy is suffering from EB(Epidermolysis Bullosa). She couldn't believe her luck because she'd just broken her last one.

After a grey, gloomy week, we had brilliant blue sky and time to kill so we drove to Macedon and enjoyed a light lunch at Sitka in Victoria street. Mmmm lemon and Basil arancini and Dutch Beef Croquettes with fries. The little foodstore is a perfect blend of what I'd like to run one day. Not too big, cosy with mismatched tables and chairs, window seats to take advantage of the winter sun and a lovely range of gourmet products and books. We'll definitely be coming back to Sitka.

At the supermarket we bumped into the mother of friends I grew up with and I mentioned we might drive past my old house. She had just been visiting there and encouraged us to knock on the door - she was sure they'd welcome us in and show us around. !!!

Driving down the driveway was strange. I felt like I'd just been there again - recently in a dream maybe? Soon the familiar sight of our log cabin tucked behind the hedge and garage. There's now a basketball hoop out the front. Stepping out of the car, I looked around and saw Babcia's tree still stretching for sun in the front garden, the rose garden now holds conifers - including the one Michelle was given as a Christmas present one year. I stepped onto the verandah and tried to plan what I would say. The garden below was now 2 tiers of gravel - much more suited to a young family with 2 boys and a dog.

I knocked. Narelle answered and I made the introductions - she invited us straight in! We got to meet her husband and 2 boys (names have escaped me) and Digger the dog (how come I remembered his name?) and they showed us through the house. Well, it was barely recognisable - walls and doors had moved, all the pine was painted white and there were lots of skylights which  had made an amazing difference. Narelle explained to the boys that I was Christie from the measuring pole - we went outside and sure enough - they have continued the tradition and are now marking their own heights on the pole - haven't caught me yet. There is a flying fox from the hill over the creek to the lawn and the boys love running around the bush as much as my sister and I did.

I felt so fortunate to have had this opportunity and it was an amazing set of coincidences that made it possible. On the way back we visited Emma and I noticed some of the writing wearing off her headstone, it will be 23 years old in December.

Travis dropped me off at my Bridal Shower - a truly magical afternoon - and came back after he finished work that evening, even though everyone was leaving and all he did was help clean up and sleep on the couch. Why am I marrying this guy again?

Ever had one of those days that feels so nice and long - but you didn't rush at all? Well, that was Sunday. We met up with 2 pugs at Pugville in the morning and were lucky enough to find Alice in Wonderland was showing at the Sun Theatre in the afternoon. I just loved the costumes - especially how Alice's changed throughout the film. After that I rode to highpoint to pick out Mum's birthday present and made a delicious pumpkin and dill sauce with pasta for dinner. Ahhhh I love Autumn days.

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