Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Veil or no veil?

Feeling better and back on board now! On Friday night Louise and Mum came along to my dress fitting at Brides of Melbourne. Funnily enough, it seems my back is broader than last November as the dress wouldn’t zip up all the way! Well if only there was something to show for it on my chest! I think I’m really going to have to wear a g for this dress, nothing else will do the trick!

We experimented with some feathers on the side of my hair – and the beautiful matching jewelry. I definitely want something poking out of my messy bun – and it’s looking like the birdcage veil is going to be overkill. Looking at the prices of the hairpiece and jewelry we agreed we could have fun making it ourselves instead. Now I’m thinking about having one or two orchids in my hair instead of the feathers – I wonder how many more times I’ll change my mind?

On Saturday I was working at Passionfoods when I experienced ‘opposite déjà vu’. A lovely lady asked me whether we have any vacancies and if it was worth her bringing her resume in – I said ‘this is exactly how I got the job’ so bring it in – you never know! She returned a minute later saying that her boyfriend though I was so nice she better remember my name – and that’s how I met Kristy with a ‘K’! Colleen was the lovely lady who passed on my resume - will the cycle continue?

Waiting for the train on my home that night, the girl next to me struck up a conversation – it turned out that she works at Brides of Melbourne and she recognized me from the night before! If only more people chatted with the person next to them, waiting time would go much faster.

After a long hot bath I had another restless night’s sleep and woke up with a headache, I tidied up, walked Rossi to get the paper and when I was in my own little world – taking washing off the line I turned around for some reason and there was Trav – standing in the doorway watching me! Finally he’s home again! I think the last 2 weeks were harder this time as I hadn’t been feeling as strong as I normally would.

On Random acts of Kindness on Sunday night, a lady who provides the ‘Footpath Library’ to homeless people was featured. At the end she encouraged people to stop and have a chat with the homeless – not avoid them. We will discover that they are just like you and me. On the way to and from Monday’s meeting I was approached directly by two different homeless people. I had left my purse at home and when I told each of them this they didn’t believe me. I wonder if I would have stopped if I thought I could help them?

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