Thursday, June 25, 2009

France, Japan & Poland? Must be my birthday!

My birthday this year wasn't as well thought out or planned as I'd usually do. I decided I'd rather let someone else sort it out so I did, and it was fantastic!
I woke to french toast and irish cream coffee - breakfast in bed with Travis! He gave me a card with a beautiful, simple message and a stunning pair of brilliant cut diamond earrings - he chose them to match my engagement ring...
then I unwrapped Michelle's and Dad's gifts, yes the postpaks that have been staring me down for a few days, and was thrilled to find a nightie and matching socks, sweets, slippers, cuddling salt and pepper shakers, a pocket book of inspirational quotes and some cash! I opened many thoughtful birthday cards as well.
Arriving at work, it wasn't long before a lovely bunch of flowers - purple orchids, ivy seeds and orange tulips arrived from Joanne and Olimpia, with another card full of beautiful words.
I raced to the jewellery shop at GPO to change my earrings to a more modest size, then met Kate for lunch at the Oriental Tea House - we gorged ourselves on 8 different dishes - including chocolate dumplings for dessert - in less than 45 minutes!
Arriving at home, Trav had a cup of tea ready for me and we changed for dinner before Kate, Mum and Egan arrived. Lee had passed on a cute little pen with diamontes around it that clips onto my keys or bag.
Kate proudly presented me with THE ORANGE BAG - yes - 3 perfectly wrapped parcels from T2! Not one but two sets of multiple tea cannisters, a beautiful ceramic teapot with 2 cups and of course a box of rose tea - which we had enjoyed with our lunch.

Borsch Vodka Tears in Chapel st was where we found Uncle Les and James, and we all pored over the lengthy vodka menu and selected a range of antipasto and tapas for dinner. The service was a bit slow and the place was noisy, but the food was terrific and there was an exciting atmosphere. I tried a rosemary, honey and herb vodka. Then a Pleasant Street Tea (turkish apple tea, pomegranate molasses and honey vodka served hot), an Apple Pie (vodka, green apple juice and cinnamon) -' just like cold Compote' I said to Mum, and finally enjoyed a Winter Romance vodka - with Rose and Wild Forest Flowers.
Mum had baked a delicious Sticky Pear chocolate pudding drizzled with a brown sugar and butter sauce and I got the traditional Happy Birthday serenade.
Uncle Les likes my plan for Dad's 60th, I think he appreciated the long notice I gave him. He walked out of a Job Network training course after 4 days and hasn't had any luck with other applications. I offered to take a look at his resume but he didn't seem keen. He never seems quite alright to be honest.
James is closer to buying the elusive Corvette which currently presides in Adelaide, Kate is on her way to QLD for the weekend and Egan was a trooper - he drove us around and has to be at work at 5am tomorrow!
When we got home I unwrapped Mum's basket of goodies, finding movie tickets, trail mix, memories of the rose Troilus and the variegated jasmine she tracked down for me - as well as membership to the VHS and some cash for tennis.

I spoke briefly to Dad and Michelle and it was the most brilliant day - I couldn't have planned it better myself!

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