Monday, August 10, 2009

So much to tell...

Port Douglas: Mostly Sunny. Mild. 26.

What a brilliant weekend! On Friday morning I finally ordered a stunning silk kimono from Plum Pretty Sugar - I've been staring at this for months and have looked everywhere but couldn't find anything like it. I'm going to wear it when getting ready for our wedding next June.

Plum Pretty Sugar loungerie

Friday evening: we snuggled on the couch and watched 'He's just not that into you' - didn't love it.
Saturday: Spinning and body balance before giving 2 chinese girls a lift to Nicholson street. not something I often do but they seemed harmless enough and they thought the same of me The weather was just beautiful - I wore my new denim witchery skirt (See below), black leggings, cream polo and green 3/t cardi with my brown ruffled ballet flats and we both went out to Flair Menswear in Preston to look for some suit ideas for the wedding. We tried Ted Baker - not many to choose from that included waistcoats but left our details there just in case. A 2 piece suit was around $800 and there were a couple of nice light greys.
Across the road - Hugo Boss had nothing with waiscoats and prices were approx $100 higher generally. The assistant suggested we try Zegna in David Jones but when I read on their site that they are one of the 'oldest business families in Italy' I figured they were well and out of our price range.
With time to spare we had a look around DFO - Politix had a couple of options, but no vests, LOGO suggested we try in a couple of weeks when the spring/summer range hits the store - there are generally more waistcoats out then.
At Tarocash Trav spotted a light grey 2 piece with a lighter stripe through it in white and blue, it was very subtle and he said he really liked the look of it. No waistcoat of course and the suit was synthetic but we were a step closer. I really would like to get a wool or wool blend suit for him as it will be much more comfortable for a full day in the tropics - not to mention it will last a lot longer generally!
Here are a couple of style pics inspiring me right now (left one is from a Real Weddings mag last year)

On the train this morning a guy was wearing a similar suit to the one Trav liked and said he got it a Man to Man. Once there I discovered it was synthetic but was suprised at the range of 2 pieces pure wool or wool blend they had for less than $400. Still no waistcoats. Why bother? Well, on page 80 of the latest issue of Bride to Be is a real wedding look that we both loved, relaxed but sophisticated, by the beach in NSW. So I decided to go straight to the source - it turns out Matthew Lawrence Bespoke was responsible for that outfit but being based in Sydney he won't really be that helpful.
I'd really like to get Trav something special - Herringbone, Saba and Rhodes & Beckett all come to mind, I want him to feel extra confident on the day.

Saturday night we headed to the Rochester Castle in Fitzroy for Kate's birthday drinks, I wore my grey chiffon witchery skirt, black long sleeve scoop neck knit, studded belt and lace up boots - love that outfit!

Sunday I rode to work then met Trav at Docklands afterwards for a wind down drink - before spending an early evening in bed and then watching Little Miss Sunshine - did love it!

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