Wednesday, August 5, 2009

dreams come true

Port Douglas weather: Sunny. Mild. Breezy. 25.

Monday a week ago was my long overdue return to tennis - just the social competition at Yarraville. Boy do I have some work to do - I lost 3 sets of doubles 0-6 1-6 1-6 and I was sore until Friday!!

This Monday was a much better night, there were 5 of us on the court so we only played 6 games per set. Results: 2-4 4-2 4-2 0-6. Well - still a bit of work to do but I hardly got as many double faults, and my serve was feeling much stronger. I did screw up a lot of shots - too long or into the net but I didn't hit myself in the eye with the ball like last week!

I have found that I am making many of my own dreams come true! I have planted vegetables, tried out a shampoo and conditioner, gone for a ride around my Great Grandmother's old neighbourhood, but am still waiting for a little fawn pug named Olly. Saturday night I had a very interesting dream - then an even more interesting morning.

Well it's definitely nice to know that we can choose to make our dreams come true...

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