Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Spring in SA

Port Douglas: Light Rain Early. Mostly Sunny. Mild. Humid. 27.

It's been 2 weeks since my last post - because things were nuts at work with the AGM and then it was holiday time! I picked Trav up from Sunbury after his boys gold trip and from then on, I felt totally removed from work and everything else. We had such a great time with Aunty Maureen, we went shopping in Hyde Park, visited McLaren Vale and the Barossa, caught up with Bob & Trish, Angela and spent the last night with Joan and Wayne before heading through Coonawarra to Portland for a night.

We both really enjoyed spending time with Maureen, besides a cough, she really didn';t appear to be sick although she did say that she was experiencing a lot of discomfort. She was thrilled to receive our wedding invitation and seeing us trying on our wedding rings. Felt so weird, I think I'll get a big shock when she finally passes away because I don't think I believe it yet. She took us through her house and we took home some beautiful wooden book shelves, terracotta pots, a metal watering can, some vases and a tea strainer.

I really enjoyed the weekend with the girls in Lorne, fell in love with the solid coffee table which I was told I might find at Erskine River Trading Co or Asian Tide. The living area was also just beautiful, I think I miss the sunlight in our home, the living area was 9 metres long.

Going back to the wedding - here are my hair muses, Naomi Watts and Jackie-O.

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