Wednesday, March 10, 2010

All you need

On Saturday night we attended the wedding of some very close friends, we all battled the torrential downpour in Melbourne to make it to Jacques Reymond for the 5pm ceremony. I wore my newly-made creations ( dress and jacket) and I decided not to stress myself too much so I will make the little bag another time.

Here's a couple of quick snaps I took the next day... I did alright didn't I!

Let me tell you about this wedding. It was such an unfussy, elegant affair - there weren't carefully selected songs for each moment of the ceremony, there weren't pew bows or Order of Service booklets, no great formal running sheet and no bridal table - I was lucky enough to be seated next to the bride herself! I loved the sincerity of the event, it wasn't a big production - there was no bouquet to toss or garter to throw but there was a close group of family and friends there to celebrate this special event in the couple's lives. That's all you need.
 It's a Croation tradition for all guests to wear
a sprig of rosemary for fertility and remembrance.


Ellise said...

I can't sew but I am very impressed with your skill Christie. The jacket looks great and you'll probably get to wear it again and again!

Christie said...

Thanks Ellise! Of course I was still sewing the jacket hem until the 11th hour - what is it with me? Well it's a really rewarding hobby and I hope my cape turns out just as well

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