Friday, April 23, 2010

it's been a while...

I know, I've had wedding on the brain and not much time left for any leisurely pursuits. And just because I felt like I needed a challenge I've begun a 6 week detox. No no no it's not one of those 'no real food' things - this one just cuts out most of the thing I've already been working on (soft drinks, processed foods, dairy milk) and also a few extras I have to get my head around (alcohol, bananas, dried fruit, wheat, coffee, tea).
Yes - that last one is tea. Black tea, green tea - chai tea! Darjeeling is one of the ingredients of Chai! It's bad enough I've given up my comforting Earl Greys, now what's going to start my Sunday right or keep me cozy when Trav's away?

After some investigation I found a Chai recipe over at 2B a Snob - so I gave it a go last night - without the black tea.Wow. That fresh ginger gives a nice zing that keeps you warm long after the glass is empty. I highly recommend trying it yourself - for a twist I might add a star anise next time.

I'm really enjoying finding alternatives for my favourites and have jumped right into preparing something different for every breakfast lunch and dinner. It's giving Trav a break from the kitchen and I've now got a whole list of other recipes to tick off. Hope the next 5 weeks is this cruisy!

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