Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Farewell Spring

After we entered what looks to be quite a tropical summer - I ventured out into the garden to see what was happening, and found some very interesting suprises...

 Our beetroot is nearly 4 months old now and I can see it crowning above the soil - might be time to pull one out and see how big they are - I can't wait to taste the homegrown difference!

Two random seedlings that look like tomatoes have made themselves a new home in my garden beds, only time will tell what they actually are so I'll leave them to do their best, they must have come up from the compost! You can see my heirloom carrots sprouting in the background.

I found a very sneaky Mary Rose shooting up amongst the peas, we'd pulled the rose out months ago but I had a feeling I'd left some roots deep down in the soil. With all this rain she's decided to give it another go!

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