Friday, December 3, 2010

Spring Challenge Day 28 - I did it!!!

Departure: 8:25am
Arrival: 9:05am
Conditions: sunny, humid with a nice breeze, 21
Attire: skirt, tshirt, heels

I was greeted with a bright blue sky when I peeked hesitantly out of the window this morning. Yes! The heavens had decided to back me on my last challenge day. It was a beautiful sunny morning as I headed out of our street, and I could feel the humidity in the air. I decided to make my final challenge trip in style and felt pretty good as I pulled up at the lights with my lycra-clad counterparts. It really was a beautiful morning ride to work and I'm already looking forward to my riding days long after this challenge is finished.

Looking back I'd say this is exactly what I needed to do - starting up a regular routine to make things habits - like packing my panniers, planning my wardrobe and handling different weather conditions. I know I'll be rewarded in so many ways now that I'll be incorporating my bicycle into my weekly commute.

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