Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bike Rage

Well it was going to happen - and I am suprised it took so long. I had my first bike rage incident today on my way to work. Riding along the road on Lorimer Street, I switched over the the shared footpath to avoid being held up by a bus along the way. I politely said 'Bike on the right' as I tried to pass 2 pedestrians who were taking up the whole footpath and I'd just passed them as I heard 'You should ride on the road - not the footpath!' 
Just as quickly I turned around and called back 'It's a shared footpath' pointing at the very obvious  sign, but whoever it was had already disappeared.

Honestly, although there is a shared bike/pedestrian path along Lorimer, I still prefer riding on the road and you'll only find me on the path if there's roadworks or a slow bus.

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