Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ride to Work Day

Today is National Ride to Work Day in Australia and I’m taking part for the first time. The weatherman threatened rain but I awoke to a calm dry morning and met friends Andrea and David at the Westgate Punt. I’ve been looking forward to trying this out – it will cut out 2/3 of my riding but the trip can take just as long depending on what time the punt leaves. There has been a big push to get this going full time again and there’s a lot of interest but of course – no one wants to pay for it! The service opened especially for today in the hope of drumming up more demand for the future. The rain came as we crossed the Yarra and we huddled together under the big red tarp. I enjoyed the novelty of it but felt a bit like I’d cheated – definitely didn’t get the aerobic benefit that I normally would. But I do think I’d use the Punt now and then and hope to gather some friends for a trip to St Kilda one weekend when the weather improves. It was also nice to catch up on Andrea’s wedding plans -finally I have someone to plan with!

Westgate Punters!

The Westgate Bridge viewed from the Punt

Well the verdict from Trav’s workmates was good – in fact they all thought it must be his birthday because otherwise why would he bring in dessert?? He was almost to the point of pulling out his drivers licence to prove that his birthday isn’t for another 2 weeks. Anyway a birthday request has been put in for the same tart – but I have something else up my sleeve!

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jessie keller said...

Good Job! The biking gods were kind to provide good weather. And I say, have a piece of that dessert, you deserve it!

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