Sunday, January 17, 2010

Back on the bike

What a brilliant weekend!
Yesterday I rode over to Spotlight to pick up some supplies for my latest projects, and as the temp hit 33 I did the rest of the running around in the car. Did I show you what I got for Christmas? Check out these absolutely stunning Pluma Panniers - handmade all the way over in Portland, Oregon by Queen Bee Creations. I've had my eye on these babies ever since I ordered Pashley. Thank you Trav - I just love them!! There's now no excuse for not riding to work - look at all this extra room for a pair of shoes and a change of clothes!

Did you spot my other present?
I was lucky enough to receive this Pashley leather frame protector as a gift from my friend Stephen at Bakerlite Trading

New basket complete with one huge red bloom.
I'm pretty sure my bike is the only one decked out like this

Check out my shoes, these Lacoste beauties started giving me blisters, but as biking shoes they're just perfect!

Here's my first entry for the Royal Horticultural Society Great Hanging Basket Competition. After trying to be really clever and unique, I opted for (as usual) understated elegance in the form of a pale yellow petunia surrounded by calibrachoa of a similar shade.
I just hope they look good for the show in March!


I finally made another delicious Nigella recipe today, this Happiness Soup from her Forever Summer series really brightened up an otherwise cloudy Melbourne afternoon. It's made of yellow squash, flavoured with lemon and turmeric, what a cosy combination! Accompanied by a sprig of fennel, Baker D. Chirico Epi and a glass of Pinot Grigio it's an excellent midweek dish.

Rossi and I enjoyed dinner al fresco with a crisp wind circling above.

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