Monday, January 25, 2010

My favourite day is Sunday

Sunday was glorious. We woke early after a big day at Mum's Garden Party and I walked Rossi to the bakery to pick up breakfast and the paper. The morning began lovely and cool - a relief after all the sunshine yesterday. it was a lovely cool morning We took Rossi to see his friends at Pugwood and he well and truly conked out on his bed for the rest of the day.

Trav and I made the most of the beautiful afternoon and rode to Williamstown Beach to enjoy fish'n'chips (You might be lucky enough to read my review on Footscray Food Blog in the near future!). If only I'd been clever enough to put on sunscreen and now I'm sitting here with a very red neck and arms. When will I learn??

When we got home Trav enjoyed the cricket from the couch and I put my feet up in our courtyard. Then I started making a new dress which –if successful- I’ll wear to Andrea & David’s wedding in March. I’ve already named it ‘Ebony & Ivory’ and will start sewing it together this week I hope.

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