Friday, February 5, 2010

get fit without knowing it (or women are great multitaskers)

I would definitely say I'm a fairweather rider. I haven't once left home on my bicycle in the rain and the hottest I've ridden in was 34deg. But that's fine with me. My old bike had an odometer so I could keep track of the k's I was racking up but it doesn't bother me now - in fact I'm glad to be rid of it.

I glide along the path at a leisurely pace while others speed past me in a sweaty hunched over fashion. What's the rush?

The best bit is that I'm riding to work 2-3 times each week now and I'm getting fit without even knowing! I look forward to my rides and don't push the bike along counting down the minutes until I've arrived. 

Funny how I didn't stick with the gym, swimming, aerobics, circuit, spinning or yoga. Cycling is effortless - it's an efficient way for me to get around and the health benefits are a bonus - I don't make excuses to get out of it and it costs me less!

This is a great example of the female power to multitask - and I've just added another dimension - riding home in a strapless top will help me even out those tan lines too!

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