Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pugville Success!

I know I know I know I’m backtracking – last week was so flat out that I’m only now able to collect my thoughts!

Have to tell you about what a hit Pugville was. Rossi and I got to the park 10 minutes early and our faithful friends Matt & Kat wandered down for moral support. Well they could have slept in because soon Pugs started arriving – 1 then 2 then a couple more… we hit a grand total of 11 pugs!

I’ve forgotten some names but there was Rossi, Dudley Einstein, Jezebel, Gobbla, Dudley, Porky, Buddy and China. It was fantastic to meet so many locals and their pugs and Rossi had a brilliant birthday! We enjoyed the green grass under some shady trees for about an hour and a half before we all headed our separate ways, Rossi and I enjoyed brunch at Gravy Train before heading home – where he snored his head off for the rest of the day! Feedback from our new friends was great and we hope to see all of them again often.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad Rossi had such a great birthday!

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