Monday, January 31, 2011

febfast update: one sleep to go

WOW! I'm already overwhelmed with the amount of support I've gotten since announcing my challenge a week ago. With $120 in the bank already I look forward to inspiring even more donations throughout the month.

Now for my Grand Plan. To make this an enjoyable month I've decided to explore some non-alcoholic alternatives for when I might get a hankering for a nice cold glass of wine. There are lots of refreshing ideas out there and tonight I'll be stocking up on citrus, ginger, berries, delish tropical fruits and yoghurt. I'm going to try out all sorts of yummy juices and cordials and I can't wait to share my favourite recipes with you!

So onto this week’s mini challenge – I’m going to make the most of this unseasonal summer weather (Melbourne joke) we’ve been having and rise at 6am each day for a morning walk with Rossi. The sun is set to rise at 6:33 am tomorrow – is anyone out there willing to offer me a $20 bonus for catching a photo of it from the stands at Whitten Oval?

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