Friday, January 7, 2011

Free as a bird (or 'My Saturday List')

For the last 18 months I worked a weekend 'hobby' job. Partly for some extra cash and partly to keep myself out of mischief when Trav was out at the army or working. I loved it. My plan worked too well actually - I selected a place where I would enjoy working so much - I wouldn't regret giving up my Saturdays and it took about 4 months of deliberating to finally break away at the end of 2010. They'll always be there though - happy for a visit and to show me the latest delicious product.

Having missed out on lots of fun things I have a new-found appreciation of 2-day weekends and I'm not about to take them for granted so I've written up a Saturday List which holds all sorts of exciting plans. I hope it doesn't get out of control!

I'm especially looking forward to this Saturday as it's my first real one off since the Christmas break. I'm going for a leisurely walk with my close friend Tamra on the hunt for vintage frocks and we've already lined up 2 must-see shops.

Bam-Bam Vintage Clothing in Williamstown and recently reopened Diamond Dog in my own lovely Seddon. I popped my head in there last night and Sally assured me that she's just restocked with lots of beautiful frocks and shoes, all from television sets so barely worn. I'm already eyeing off a cute little red and white duck sundress in the window, I hope it's waiting for me on Saturday!

Got any other recommendations in the area? Keep in mind we're on foot for the day!

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