Sunday, January 30, 2011

This week's Haul

Today's expedition to the Melbourne Showground's Farmers Market was an interesting one - and not only because I was on 2 wheels instead of 4.

It was about 9am as I was riding along the Maribyrnong, when just before the giant golden statue I heard the unmistakeable sounds of dance music pumping out over the river. Surley enough, there was a dance party happening in the bushes! Didn't they know the Big Day Out was on just a bit further up the river today?
Nevertheless it looked like this mob had been enjoying themselves for hours - and didn't seem to be packing up to head over to the racecourse any time soon.

Upon arriving at the market, I sat down to enjoy one of Chef Michael's burgers with the lot and some iced mint lemon water - how thoughtful on such a hot day! I had to shop carefully today, with only my basket and panniers to carry my goodies home. I've really been enjoying the lemon apple cucumbers from Yellow Box Rd Organics and couldn't go past those beautiful organic blueberries at 3 for $10! And yes - that is 2 dozen eggs you see there - I carried them safely in my basket - just for added difficulty.

2 dozen eggs for $7! 3 punnets of organic blueberries for $10!

Today's haul set me back $50 including a delicious breakfast - for that price why wouldn't you want to buy fresh, in season, locally grown, organic, free range food??

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