Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Good Pub Grub

It seems that our friendly little local the Mona Castle is doing some BIG things. Earlier this year they won Vega FM's Best Melbourne Pub and now some lucky duck can win the whole place for a whole day!
Upon hearing about their fantastic Parma & Pot Wednesdays, we headed over with our neighbours to check it out.
I'm not generally known for chosing the parma from the menu when there are so many other things to try, but I've gotta say, this one was good! For $12, these parmas are HUGE - with all the trimmings of course. A hot day, great parma and a cold beer - what a winning combination.

Oooh and more good local news, I just discovered that my most favourite shop in Seddon has it's own blog! I always drool over Sedonia's gorgeous collection of clothes, toys, gifts and bags but must confess that I have only ever made one purchase - number 2 could be just around the corner though, I need to go and have a closer look at those wicker bicycle baskets in the window, I think it could be just the upgrade for Pashley!

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