Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Put Vietnam on your plate

I first found out about this tour through a blogger I very much admire, MOO I MADE IT!

She has covered the tour so well that I'm not even going to attempt a full write up - just want to show you some highlights from the day we spent with Mei Ling.

It was a grey, humid morning when I arrived on the Footscray Market Rooftop (appropriate, considering we would be immersing ourselves in Vietnamese culture for the day). I had no idea just how much you can see from up here and wish I'd take a photo!

Our group of 8 began in the Fruit and Veg section of the market - and got to find out about all those interesting looking leafy bunches and what to do with them.

'droopy parsley'

grocery store

Mei Ling suggested seed packets as a way to get to know names and 'faces' of the various vegetables

 You can buy eels, fish and shellfish fresh from the tanks everyday!

 Flowers are so cheap at Little Saigon
 Yes, they tasted as good as they looked

A lesson for all those ladies out there at booty camp...

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