Wednesday, November 25, 2009

On the hunt again...

If you're anything like me now and then you'll come across a brilliant idea and won't be able to rest until it's real. When I was catching up on my favourite blogs this week I came across one of those ideas!
Charlotte at Chic Cyclists has been customising her beautiful blue 70's 10 speed and she's added a wine box for grocery day onto the rear rack - it even has a picture of a bicycle on it! My first reaction was
'Of Course! What else?!'
I started my Monday night grocery shopping by bike routine yesterday and Certainly could have used some sturdy storage like this on the Pashley. It's perfect because these wine boxes are quite light on their own.

Of course, had I realised this 2 months ago when we were moving offices, I would have grabbed one of the many wooden wine boxes from our office and stored it safely until this very day. Alas now I must begin the hunt. Started with eBay, and also checked our storeroom for any clues about which wineries actually use these boxes (almost everything is cardboard these days), I'm in luck, I found a few examples to keep in mind. eBay has a glorious range of french brands available internationally, however I don't really want to pay for shipping (and that defeats the point of repurposing to reduce impact on the environment too).
I really think a Cycles Gladiator box would be very appropriate but I'm not sure if they even use them... one way to find out!
So I will keep my eye out, will I be lucky enough to pick one up from the trash à la Charlotte? Wait and see...

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