Friday, November 6, 2009

Together at last!

Last Friday night I took delivery of my beautiful Pashley Princess Sovereign. I know I write this a week later, I haven't wanted to stop riding! Since picking it up a week ago I've taken her to work twice, Williamstown for fish'n'chips as well as running a few errands around town.
She's definitely heavier and slower than my old Great Vic mountain bike, but I feel so much more comfortable sitting higher, and I haven't had to rethink an outfit yet. We picked up heavy duty locks yesterday and next step is considering bicycle insurance.

We're heading along the Maribynong River this evening for Friday night drinks at the Boathouse with Matt and Kat, can't wait!

Thank you so much to Stephen @ Bakerlite Trading for putting up with my nagging (apparently I wasn't even the worst!)

Pashley & Me

I have to say, an evil grin spreads across my face as I catch up with my favourite bicycle blogs and see that all you poor American girls are bracing yourselves for Winter, we are finally enjoying some late spring sunshine here with nothing but summer to look forward to. And of course I now get to wear all my sweet skirts and dresses that have been hiding in the back of the wardrobe for months - I even find myself asking - what should I wear with Pashley today?

I am looking forward to becoming much stronger after a few weeks riding Pashley. When I started riding my old mountain bike - I had to walk it up some small hills in the beginning and although I haven't done this yet with Pashley, it still feels a lot harder to climb them. I love these signals that show I'm getting stronger every day!

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