Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy Bastille Day!

In honour of my 2 year anniversary at this job, I decided a distinctly french flavour was in order for lunch. I headed down to Noisette and was not disappointed. The counter windows were filled with delicate desserts, macaroons, filled bagels and baguettes - as long or as short as you like and of course pastries pastries pastries!

I selected a sweet escargot, une petit baguette filled with proscuitto, avocado, cheese and semi dried tomatoes and some little macaroons as a treat for dessert tonight.

On the way out I stopped in to Thomas Dux Grocer, it is beautiful, large and has hundreds of organic and gluten free items - understandable when you remember that Woolworths took over Macro's stores to create this 'boutique experience'. Shame. It's got the looks and the charm, but why would I put my money there when I can help my local grocer thrive instead?

And another supermarket revelation - I don't step into Coles very often, and today I noticed that their produce area has been renovated and has another beautiful farmstall feel about it - well it's got a few wicker baskets here and there anyway. I couldn't help but notice their 'fresh cut' section - not only can you buy watermelon and other fruit already cut up - in a bulk, buy what you need set up - but there is also vegetables! Carrots, celery and many others all peeled and cut for you to pop into the boiling water or roasting pan when you get them home. Huh? Have we all really lost that much time in every day that we can't even chop up our vegies? I love that I get an unfamiliar feeling in these stores now, I'd much rather pick out my greens at the local green grocer and prepare them myself thank you very much!

Now if you'll excuse me, there's a sweet, glossy escargot calling my name...

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