Thursday, July 29, 2010

Where were you going to be?

My house uncluttering project is well underway again - and yesterday I found a blast from the past as I reached into the darkest depths of our hall cupboard. Among some old old Star-Shots photos (shudder) and some graphics projects, I found a couple of '2008 High School Reunion' predictions - one of which yours truly featured in. My head was stuck on a model's body and the caption read 'Fresh from her overseas travels - she made it!'

There was only a couple of things right about the picture - my hair was as short then as it is now and I really feel that I have made it - if it means making my own decisions and surrounding myself with inspiring people and happy memories. Not that there's nothing more to do. No, it just keeps getting bigger and better! As far as the overseas travels part - that's still on the to-do list. It was interesting seeing what my peers thought would become of me in 10 years time - where did you expect to be 10 years after high school?

Uncluttering took a back seat tonight as I ironed my way through the study - then listed some of my half-decent treasures on eBay. That's usually something I'll put off forever so it felt really good having it under control, photos and all - hopefully I'll earn a few bucks to put towards our very own copy of Brian Hodge's Building Your Straw Bale Home. Sounds like a good deal to me... 

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