Friday, July 30, 2010

Ode to Pashley

My beautiful bicycle gives me freedom.
Freedom to start and stop when I want.
Freedom from the string of cars going nowhere in peak hour.
Freedom from performance enhancing bicycle apparel.
Freedom to stretch my legs.
Freedom to park right in front of the shop.
Freedom to take a shortcut if I like.
Freedom to take the scenic route.
Freedom to enjoy my journey, not suffer it.

My friend Kat and I were thrilled to attend last week's Cycle Chic Friday at Denmark House. I really appreciated Mikael's thoughts on what's required to foster a strong bicycle culture in our cities and Mike the cameraman also had some great thoughts on sit-up bicycles. His comment that there is likely a basic human need that makes us feel good about 'getting somewhere with our own two legs' really resonated with me. I love knowing that I can get somewhere under my own steam, it gives me a feeling of confidence, pride and power.

How about you?

1 comment:

emmahyphenleestill said...

You ride.......
I am so lucky I found your blog.
Happy cycling
your an awesome person
I hope you have few windy and wet days as these are the days I dislike riding my bike most but try to soldier on doing it. :)

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