Monday, July 19, 2010

Less really is more

It's funny what a collector I became when preparing for our wedding. I thought I needed it all - beautiful lingerie for every single day, a new dress for every occasion and not 1 but 4 swimsuits! Needless to say my darling husband was the one dragging my suitcase all over the place, not me!
Since we have returned home and settled into married life, a strange thing has happened. I no longer need so much stuff. I don't want to accumulate more stuff that I can't use and with the help of my new guardian angels, Unclutterer and zenhabits I look forward to removing all the extra stuff around our house over the coming weeks. Just because it looks nice or fits well, doesn't mean you need it. Just because it fits in the cupboard, doesn't make it useful. I'll be selling some select items on eBay but the rest of it will be donated to our local Savers store. Unlike clean-outs I've had in the past, I'm being particularly ruthless. I even considered taking out all the clothes in my wardrobe and only putting things back as I wore them, over a series of months, to truly see what I can live without. Now I don't think I'll need to go to this extreme but I did happen to find an article with this exact plan called The Clean-Slate guide to Simplicity when I bumped into zenhabits the first time the next day! Uncanny!

So, with the following definition from Unclutterer ringing in my ears, last Wednesday I began my new role as an Unclutterer...

An unclutterer is someone who chooses to live without the distractions
that get in the way of a remarkable life.

By the time I'd gotten home I'd already thought of things all over the house I could clear out so my first evening - though very productive, was a bit scattered. So the next morning I came up with a strategic plan to cover the whole house - room by room....let's see how I'm going!

I only wish I remembered to take before and after photos - the difference is already tremendous! It should be much easier to keep our place clean too...

Declutter goal
Day 1
Wed 14/7
4 earrings
5 books
2 nail polishes
8 nail polishes
10 books
at least 8 earrings
1 bangle
5 broochs
2 hair stylers
Old prescription medication
Unused bathroom products

And downstairs – 4 old magazines and a set of coasters, a little teacup and saucer and a set of salt &  pepper shakers
I had already been thinking of certain items I could get rid of all day – so there wasn’t much concentrated activity but
it was a good taste of some areas where I know that more can go.
Day 2
Thurs 15/7
Nightstand and centre drawer of dressing table
Drawers in guest room
Completed nightstand – I wasn’t using any of the two bottom drawers so I have moved some clothes into them and most of the items (which were keepsakes) are going into a box with my treasure chest of old jewellery.
Top of dresser – seriously culled lots of jewellery. I was ruthless. Lots to give away – including 2 watches to friends if they want them. I’m keeping a small selection of necklaces and bracelets that I received as gifts when I was younger. I’m OK with that – they won’t clog up my useful jewellery box space as they are going in the roof.
Centre drawer – threw out some old things, moved candles downstairs, consolidated 2 boxes of matches and rearranged the inserts so Trav and I have one each for fragrances. deodorants stay at the front. Roll ons will fit better!

Trav cleaned out his nightstand and  bathroom basket – there were 4 bags of rubbish to throw out!

Didn’t get to guest room but had a really productive evening. as I was putting clothes in the other drawers, I came across at least 10 more tops that I could give away without even blinking – and reduced my pj selection too. Who needs that many pjs??

I also diverted from the original plan and pulled out a bowl and plate from hutch to give away.

Day 3
Hallway cupboards – shoes, bags, clothes. make the spare dining chairs fit in there! – straw bag, toiletry bag, pink bridesmaid dress.

Day 4

Day 5
Rest of study – desk, sewing desk, cupboards

Day 6
Clothes in my drawers – singlets? pjs? socks?

Day 7
Clothes on top of my cupboard

Day 8
Clothes in my wardrobe

Day 10
Buffet, Hutch and entrance
-          ikea swirly platter, a vase or two? blue ikea bowl and plate

Day 11
Have another look around the kitchen – we did a pretty good job of this a few months ago and don’t think we’ve accumulated any extras, but it’s worth a once-over!

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