Friday, June 19, 2009

10 years of unmarried bliss

Yesterday Travis and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary and enjoyed another fabulous meal at Sirens in Williamstown.

For me the lead up has been quite eerie this year – possibly because there was no anticipation of a proposal – possibly because I knew we wouldn’t be doing anything too amazing considering our getaway to Port Douglas earlier this year, and our wedding next year. Possibly because we didn’t take annual leave as we have in the past.

The morning was quiet – there was no water in the taps and Trav was checking for iPhone updates. The day was also uneventful, except for a delicious lunch at The Deck with Kate – needless to say there was no brooch to be found but the glass of wine felt like pure indulgence for lunchtime on a work day!

Trav was checking out bikes at Beasley after work and we missed each other on the way home.

Finally we arrived at Sirens together, the fire was burning and we got a nice spot next to the window. We could see lights dancing in crazy lines across the water – a taste of things to come this time next year!

It was such an enjoyable evening – we weren’t rushed, we both enjoyed 3 whole courses (well I did my very best!) and we began to plan our mini honeymoon. We had the opportunity for a quick walk around Thala Beach Lodge in March – it’s an eco resort with lots of private rainforest, a private beach, a beautiful restaurant with views to the sea and stunning landscaping. Trav had in mind that we’d spend a couple of nights there before returning home. I suggested Cape Tribulation and they both seem very similar, maybe we can do a day trip to Cape Trib while still in town then head out to Thala.

Sounds so perfect – private, out of town, secluded, perfect.

Then we discussed the 2011 Europe trip – Trav said he’s really getting used to the idea and thinks we should include Scotland and Poland in our plans. He doesn’t have any family that he knows of but we could perhaps meet some of mine. He’s also keen to do some family history research for his dad’s side of the family. We won’t take a tour – we’ll go it alone and start speaking to friends who have also travelled Europe this way. We’ll create ‘Send us to Europe’ cards to include in the invites for guests who may want to contribute.

It was such an exciting night filled with wonderful plans. We have lots of research to do and I’m looking forward to planning the rest of our life together! Happy 10th Anniversary Babe!

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