Monday, June 15, 2009

Instant Karma - or not?

I thought I did everything right. Really, Saturday night was shaping up to be a excellent one – one of those ‘why don’t we do this more often’ occasions. We met friends at The Deck for pizzas, a few drinks and a spin on the dance floor. Being a chilly Melbourne night, we arrived all rugged up, only to find there was no cloak room. Worried about my beautiful rhinestone brooch that had become a much admired permanent fixture on my coat (and a gift from Travis which used to belong to his Grandmother) I removed it and put it straight into my handbag – asking Travis to watch me in case I freaked out later in the night that it was missing.

So we headed to the dance floor and enjoyed the nightlife until around 12:30, when I picked up my coat and bag and we wandered out into the night.

When we got home I fished around the black hole to return the brooch to its rightful place and “OH NO!” I couldn't find it! checked again, again and again. I emptied all the pockets and shook it upside down! Nada. It was like a bad dream – everything else was still in there (even Kate’s bracelet) so I don’t feel it was stolen. It was either a: knicked from my bag – the offender for some reason bypassing my mobile phone and Oroton purse or b: fell out of my bag when I retrieved my scarf as we left. Try as I might I can’t remember where I was standing when I grabbed my scarf (and no I wasn’t, I only had 4 glasses of wine).
So I called them Saturday night, they promised me they’d call if they found it.
And I called them Sunday morning, they promised again.
And I called again on Sunday afternoon, I was assured that although it hasn’t shown up yet, it might still be returned during the week. I haven't lost it. Yet.

Rewind back to my bus trip home on Friday night – I sat down to discover a red leather purse stuck down the side of the seat. I handed it to the driver straight away.

I can’t help but wonder, who the hell are these dishonest people?
Has all the karma been used up these days?
If … there was a cloak room would it be safe?
If … I’d pinned it to my dress would it be safe?
If … I’d left it on my coat would it be safe?

I walked around the entrance at lunchtime today in vain, they don’t open again until Thursday afternoon – I’ll be there. I hope I have some good news to share by the end of this week.

This morning's pearl of wisdom: 'WovIGottaDo'

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