Thursday, June 4, 2009

En pointe

Thanks binababy12

I was very shy as a child – I remember my first classical ballet class in early primary school, our mums were watching from the side of the room as we followed the teacher’s directions. I was so shy - I ran over to mum and hid for the rest of the class. A few years later, my sister and I began jazz ballet, where I became more confident. For two years we participated in the community parade and the annual concert. In the first concert I was the birthday girl at a party and in the second one we were both sea urchins in The Little Mermaid. I remember mum sewing sequins all over our costumes.

I didn’t try ballet again until I found some local adult classes last year. I enjoyed feeling the stretch all over through my body but often ended up with cramps in my feet after pointing my toes for so long. My teacher suggested rolling my feet over tennis balls or as she used to do – glass coke bottles, to stretch them a bit more. This might have worked if I remembered to do it! My ballet days are over, but have found the same problem when doing yoga or body balance even though I really enjoy these classes – any other suggestions for me?

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