Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A look around my garden

There are lots of lovely things popping up in my garden - thanks to the endless cycle of downpours and sunshine!

 Beyond the thyme and beetroot there is basil, chives, spring onions and my treasured watering can
 Some might regard this strange creature as a pest, but we know better!
Zucchini Black Beauty and Zucchini Tromboncino - heriloom varieties courtesy of Diggers Club.
They won't all fit in my little plot so I'm bringing some over to Kat's place this week! 
Behind the pots are the new shoots of heirloom carrots - they can have a photo when they're bigger!
 Aaaah Alium Christophi! Mum potted some up for me to enjoy
I like to call it The Fireworks Plant

Our new little upcycled mate.
A gift from friends, this guy was found at the Gisborne Market
what a beautiful example of trash to treasure!

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