Thursday, November 11, 2010

Spring Challenge Day 18 (10 days to go)

Departure: 8:35am
Arrival: 9:20am
Conditions: Cloudy but warm and still
Attire: t shirt, jeans, sneakers NOTE TO SELF: Do not bother wearing jeans for temps above 25!!!

It's always nice to bump into a friendly face on my way to work - this morning I saw Marissa and Rohan strolling along with their breakfast as I began my journey. What a great start to the day!

On the way home:
I had the nicest suprise ever another friendly face! You know when sometimes you have a regular daydream, then the day it comes true you think you're going mad? Well it happened on my way home yesterday - I was taking it slow, cursing the fact that I wore jeans on a 29 degree day and a familiar face on a familiar bike appeared as I approached Costco - Trav had ridden down to accompany me home! I was just thrilled - it made the trip home a lot more fun and we stopped at Hello Gelo in Yarraville for an ice cream on the way home! I couldn't stop grinning all day - and I'll always remember that moment each time I ride past that spot now.

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