Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Second rule of Farmers Markets

It's so much easier when there's 2 of you!

This week at the market my trusty mule husband finally joined me again. Before you take offense - he was the one saying 'Eeyore' each time I loaded him up. Although we haven't got it down to a fine art just yet, it definitely makes a big difference when there's someone to share the load. And speaking of loads - this week was a big one!

So here's this week's loot:

This is what $125 of fresh, local, organic produce looks like

I'm really looking forward to picking up another juicy Yapunhay Meadow chicken next week!

After we'd filled all our bags, we sat down to enjoy one of those delicious breakfast burgers with egg, beetroot, fennel and watercress, inspiring me for one of this week's salads, it will be a perfect match for our King Valley Pork Scotch Steaks!

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