Sunday, August 1, 2010

I see a light

It was so great dropping a whole carload of useful to others  but useless to us stuff off on Friday - I felt instantly freed. Saurday and Sunday we worked on the shed. Well it's more like a upboard in the garage but we like to talk it up. It's so easy to collect lots of extra stuff, those things that you might need one day, or someone was giving away - and it all adds up.
Before: there were shelves but not much order to what goes where, so usually it would be as easy as opening the door and tossing something in without looking - and closing the door before it all collapsed on you@
After: Our tool box has been replaced with a proper tool chest with drawers - no more gingerly poking around for the hammer between saw blades - it's now all accessible. We've got 2 boxes of things to return to mum's place, 4 items for the op-shop and a binload of at least 2 years of nonsense. What a way to finish the weekend!

I'm planning to wrap this thing up on Wednesday - bookcases and study on Tuesday, buffet on Wednesday - cant wait!

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