Thursday, August 19, 2010

When is a bicycle lane like a parking space?

I raced the storm home last night. It was going to be a close call and I admit I did send an SOS out to my husband when I checked BOM at 4:50pm, but after closer inspection, I thought it gave me about 40 minutes so I jumped straight on the bike.

Have you seen the new residential development going up at the city end of Lorimer street? They've put parking spaces along the street and called them a bike lane too! I took a crappy picture so you'll have to wait to see what I mean - but I ask you this... When is a bicycle lane like a parking space? So... when a car is parked there the bicycle ends up on the road? Is this just how councils can brag about so many km's of bicycle lanes?

Well that's my rant for now. I got home with rain stinging my face but overall in a much better mood than the rest of the week, I was really much more positive and had way more energy for the evening of ironing!

Doesn't life work in strange ways? When we were visiting Dad I noticed that my Uncle's (born bachelor) health seems to be worse than ever, thanks to a diet of late nights, sleep ins, daytime TV, drinks and packet soup. He hardly ate anything at meal times and had a serious limp - he was complaining that he'd been walking too much. Of course the rest of us know that the more you walk, the more energy you use the more your appetite increases and the more fuel you'll put into your body. Nah - he just had sore feet.

Anyway I was wondering how I can help him a bit more, considering he lives on the other side of town it's not always easy to visit - and we just heard that his friend bought him a computer while we were away - and asked Trav to set it up and help him out with it. I wish I was there when he walked in and saw it!

So now there's a great reason to visit - and I could even bring over some homemade freezer meals for him too!

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