Friday, August 13, 2010

To get more done, just slow down

The wake up call (bad pun) is already working. Tonight, instead of going across town to browse some accordions at a music store and then racing back to drop into Spotlight on the way to the video store to pick up Coco Avant Chanel and then getting home at 8 and finding that I don’t even have time to make dinner and paint my nails while watching the dvd before picking up my husband and his mates after the footy. I’ve decided to just make it easier on me.

With my new direction there’s no need to take a trip across town in peak hour to see some accordions that I’m not planning on buying yet. It’ll be Spotlight, video store then home for me. I’ll enjoy baked bean jaffles for dinner and enjoy my dvd with Rossi on my lap as I knit along. Simple.

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