Monday, August 9, 2010

To line or not to line?

Are you like me? Used to using your supermarket bags to line your bin? I'd like to go one step greener and it sounds plain silly to pay for bin liners to be manufactured and transported while trying to reduce our use of plastic shopping bags.
So what are the options? Let's think about this, all we want is to be able to contain our rubbish until it hits our garbage bin ready for collection. The liner is only really required for a few days or up to a week at time. It then gets tossed and simply adds to the amount of our rubbish. Is there a better way?

  • Biodegradeable Bags
There are a few degradable bin liners and shopping bags on the market now, but these will only break down in certain conditions - and landfill isn't one of them.

  • Newspaper liner
Some people have had good success lining their bin with their old newspaper. This sounds worth a try.
  • No liner
As we recycle everything possible, and are now donating all our suitable food scraps to our worm farm, we've found that most of our actual rubbish is now packaging from other products. It's possible to use discarded packaging - ie plastic bread and cereal bags to put meat scraps and other stinky items into (or wrap in newspaper) so it's more difficult for germs and odour to take over your kitchen. Every once in a while the bin might need a rinse out. Some councils have recommended that people concerned with the smell of some items could freeze them until rubbish day.

  • No bin
Yes. I said no bin. Take a look at this inspiring read from Melissa over at Frugal & Thriving - it can be done!

Moi? Our kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and study bins are all mounded plastic so they're easy to keep clean. I think we'll be trying out the 'No Liner' option when our last few bags run out. But I'd like to keep sending the newspapers to the recycling bin after reading this summary about alternative methods. With the amount of rubbish we've reduced I don't think this will be a difficult task at all, and I'll let you know all about it!

So how do you wrangle your rubbish?

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