Monday, August 9, 2010

Trading Up: August

It's only early in August and we've already made a great trade up - our old hand-me-down Dishlex dishwasher was becoming anything but energy efficient - stalling in the Heat cycle meant it was probably pushing a 'negative' energy rating, and we knew it was time to trade up.
After researching the most efficient brands and models on these government Energy Rating and Water Rating websites, we decided we couldn't quite afford the highest rated appliances so we turned to eBay and yesterday hooked up our new old Asko 1605 for a fraction of the price. I'm thrilled to report that after only being used once before we bought it and stored for several, it runs like a dream.

And not only did we save another one being manufactured and imported from Sweden - we saved ourselves a lot of money too! Another eBay success story!

I can also report on another happy Freecycler - some lucky person now owns my 12 bridal magazines and I've saved another box from clogging up our cupboards. Happy days!

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Christie said...

While you're checking out those Government websites I mentioned, also have a look around It's a great resource that shows you just how you can make small changes in many areas of your life, for big results.

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