Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Spring Challenge: Day 1 (27 days to go)

This Spring will span 14 weeks, I decided to set myself a worthwhile challenge - I'm going to ride my bike to work for 2 days each week, and by then not only will the weather have improved, so will my fitness and timeliness! I hope this will become a habit and I'll aim to record each day's ride - so here we go...

Day 1

Departure: 8:05am (35 minutes too late)
Conditions: 10, mild, partly sunny, slight wind.
Attire: Black mary janes, stockings, navy pinstripe asymetrical skirt, merino t shirt, zip top.

Wow, it was so pleasant today. There was no bite in the air as I jumped on my bicycle, no gloves, scarf or goose bumps! I was late because I didn’t plan my outfit or pack last night. So when I realized I’d overpacked my basket bag, I then repacked half of my stuff into a pannier, then when I went to put the pannier onto the bike I had to run back to the kitchen to get the hook. Lots of silly little things. When I ride in on Thursday I’ll be preparing the night before, and relaxing on my way to work in the morning.

Coming Home

The wind had picked up a lot and the temp had just pushed 13 (not the anticipated 17). I added another layer and gloves for the ride home and the wind seemed to push me sideways more than backwards, there were a few spots where I felt like it would have been faster to walk - but that didn't stop me having a big grin on my face all the way home! I rode up Footscray Rd Bridge and almost all of Pilgrim street! Success on Day 1!

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