Monday, August 23, 2010



From a week of running here and there - and hardly spending any quality time at home - I rose this morning earlier than normal, cooked breakfast and coffees, made lunches and was even able to sit around for a few minutes with Trav before heading off to work early, and arriving early.

What a difference a bit of me time makes. All week long I'd just been looking forward to Sunday - it was promising to be a sunny-day and I had some gardening to do. After returning from the farmers market with food to fill our empty fridge, I raced straight outside to dig out some roses, plant my camelias, move a variegated jasmine, divide and replant some rock lilies, move some climbing structures and plant beetroot and broccoli seeds! It was such a beautiful afternoon and I think it really reenergised me.

Did I mention that I christened my new little shovel - a Christmas present from Mum? Unfortunately the Bunnings special was no match for the well established roses I was digging out. After bending it backwards and forwards so much that I expected it to snap - I resorted to christening another shovel - the one in Trav's army pack! It has remained unsoiled for about 2 years until I pulled it out and I tell you it's a nice tough one! I wonder if he'll let me keep in in the shed?

Of course this afternoon of pleasure was complimented by dinner with friends on Saturday night at Kelly's Restaurant and visiting the Tim Burton Exhibition on Sunday afternoon and enjoying a homecooked dinner and a bath Sunday night. Bliss!

Here's my very exciting birthday gift from Deborah - Babushka Doll just like my Babcia's except these ones are measuring cups for cooking. And still embracing the cooking theme - this beautiful apron which Deborah made just for me, finishing it with a cute ruffle! Can't wait to cook!

Doesn't it go to show just how useless we are to others if we don't look after ourselves first?

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