Thursday, August 19, 2010

Operation Adasch - Success!

Our secret mission to surprise Dad in person on his 60th birthday went off without much of a hitch! The friend he was staying with got him out of the apartment while Trav, Uncle Les and I shuffled in and made ourselves at home - then when Dad returned we were all sprawled across the apartment with our cold beers!

Other Les did spoil the party a bit when he asked when my sister was arriving - that was going to be suprise number 2 - it just happened a bit earlier than we'd planned. Soon we were all relaxing in this beautiful beachfront apartment and I realised that this is what Saturdays are all about - what have I been missing?

The weather was low 20's and sunny and on Sunday - Dad's birthday we took him out for lunch to the Surf Club - where another old friend Rod was waiting to greet us! Dad isn't the sort to show a lot of feelings-  but I think he was pretty moved that we'd all made the effort to spend the day with him. He even scribbled down his details on a coaster for Rod so they could keep in touch in the future!

Soon our 3 day getaway was coming to an end, Monday was a beautiful warm day - without the wind from the weekend so we enjoyed a very long walk along the beach before heading to the airport and home. There were so many cyclists - and why not - with those beautiful wide paths along the ocean? Mountain bikes were popular but there were heaps of colourful cruisers too! Wish I had my camera! To my amazement there are no ice cream shops in Kirra - as one lady put it the closest is the 7-11! You're kidding! I think making ice cream would be an excellent hobby for Dad, he didn't seem to pick up on the idea as quickly. Oh well - our second QLD winter escape has come to a close, but it's a nice feeling to escape the chill of Melbourne's winter for a few days, I think it should be an annual thing.

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