Friday, August 27, 2010

Keeping it local

I think I'm pretty good at buying local where possible, but when I started to investigate the labels on all the food in our pantry I realised that I have a long way to go. Inspired by Gavin and many others endeavours to stick to their 100 mile (160km) diet - I've decided to begin by aiming for as local as possible with as many products as I can.

Enter Paul at Yarraville's Old Style Butcher. When I dropped in yesterday for my fortnightly shop, I quizzed him on where his products come from. As usual he happily obliged with a big a smile on his face.
I didn't know what to expect but was thrilled to hear that not only does he try to buy Victorian, he prefers it to be as local to Yarraville as possible! The beef is from Inverloch (down Gippsland way), Pork is from the Otways, Lamb is from Corio (out near Geelong) and the free-roaming chicken is from La Ionica in Thomastown - in fact the only non-Victorian meat is the kangaroo.

Old Style Butcher has recently opened their online store - and although it would be a time-saver, I quite enjoy the experience when I visit the Old Style Butcher.

Scanning the supermarket shelves last night I had a few wins - I needed tomato passata (no longer purchasing tinned tomatoes) and was lucky enough to find one brand offering an Australian product. My second win was Warrnambool Vintage Cheddar cheese (no more plastic cheese on our lunches and a Victorian replacement too!) and finally a block of parmesan cheese made in Tullamarine.

They are out there people - you just have to look!

I am waiting to hear from Laucke Flour Mill who offer breadmixes from their Strathalbyn SA and Bridgewater on Loddon VIC sites - our local Yarraville IGA are very interested in stocking their items. I'll also be finding out if the Warrnambool butter is available closer to home too.

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