Friday, October 29, 2010

Carpe Diem: To Seize the Day: Birthday Skirt

Carpe Diem: To Seize the Day: Birthday Skirt: "For my brithday last weekend I wanted a skirt that was both stylish and comfortable. I did a little inspiration searching and grabbed a few ..."

Megan over at Carpe Diem: To Seize the Day recently inspired my own little refashion project. Her philosophy is simple - refashion pre-owned and pre-loved clothing into new designs, saving the earth and enjoying a unique garment at the same time.

I sadly broke the lid of my glass teapot a few weeks ago and thought my only options were to find a new lid (not an easy feat considering I couldn't remember where it came from and it was a few years old) or cut my losses and throw the whole thing out.
But wait! Isn't there something else I could use it for? Wouldn't it be a sweet little .....  vase?

Following in Gavin's footsteps, I took to the neighbouring streets and 'pruned' some stunning jasmine and English lavender from the empty back lanes and this is what I'm now enjoying on our coffee table. The perfect accompaniment to a cosy afternoon tea don't you think?

Thanks Gavin and Megan for reminding us to look a little harder and appreciate what's already around us!

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