Friday, October 29, 2010

Spring Challenge Day 14 (14 days to go)

Departure: 8:15am
Arrival: 8:55am
Conditions: warm, sunny and still
Attire: black capris, t shirt and sandals 
Did you see the numbers? I'm at the halfway mark!
What a stunning morning, I find myself breaking into a huge smile on Pashley these days - what's not to love? The air is filled with the scent of spring and there's just nothing to worry about. I had some precious cargo on board today - a bottle of Sparking Salmon by Geoff Hardy - all ready for our Friday night drinks. I had my camera with me but absolutely forgot to use it on my journey! Darn it! I'll make sure I' snap a few shots on my way to Bakerlite this evening...

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