Thursday, October 21, 2010

Spring Challenge Day 11 (17 days to go)

Departure: 8:10am
Arrival: 8:50am
Conditions: 11 , mild, still.
Attire: 3/4 pants, t shirt, sneakers

After a week of illness and another week of inclement (OK normal Melbourne Spring) weather, I'm back on the bike! And not a moment too soon. With a lingering cough I saddled up and really enjoyed my ride in. It was nice to be in short sleeves and sans gloves. Pashley felt a bit heavier initially but soon I was gliding along like I'd never stopped.
Now I need to play catch ups so I can achieve my spring goal -  6 weeks and 17 days to go.
Let's make it happen!

This week - 2 rides
Mon 25th week - 3 rides
Mon 1st week - 2 rides - remember it's Melbourne Cup week so Tuesday is out of the question!
Mon 8th week - 3 rides
Mon 15th - 2 rides - day off on Friday for La Dolce Vita!
Mon 22th - 3 rides
Mon 29th - 3 rides

It's going to be a good Spring!

On the way home... it was a brilliant 25 degrees with a nice breeze! It felt a lot harder so that's my 2 week break catching up with me, by the time I got home I remembered the hot sticky days of last summer - bring it on!

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