Monday, October 25, 2010

Spring Challenge BONUS Day 13 (15 days to go)

It was Sunday morning and without a car I had to take Pashley along to the Farmers Market. It was such a good ride that I thought it definitely counts towards my Spring Challenge.
Departure: 9:15am
Arrival: 10:45am
Conditions: warm, sunny and mild
Attire: jeans, t shirt, cardi & sneakers - it's all about comfort on Sunday!

I rode along the Maribyrnong River which I haven;t had the chance to do until last summer, it was really peaceful and then my journey lead me up Smithfield Rd (bike paths) and along Epsom Road and Langs Rd to the market. It was a suprisingly quick trip - even with the slight incline up into Ascot Vale. I knew it would be a lot slower on the way home!

After 40 minutes I'd loaded up my 2 panniers and basket and wobbled my way out of the gate and down Langs road towards VU. I rejoined the river path and took the long way through Yarraville home so I could stop in at Chalk and Wattlebank Nursery So it was a 50 minute trip home and after carefully unpacking all my goodies I actually weighed them to see just how much I'd carried all this way...6.5kg in total!

Anyway I'd happily do the ride to the market again, it's just a shame you get limited to how much you can carry - I wonder if I could convince Trav to bring Rossi's trailer next week?

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